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Working with me

Working with me

I spend time talking to you figuring out the vibe and your vision of the song or the project.

My purpose in this is to feel and understand a sound and an idea that you're confident in that will help you to move and to touch the audience out there. I help you discover new sounds and enhance what you already have.

I’m located in Toronto, but I often work remotely with artists from around the world.

The Process

Meeting the Artist:

  • This is done either face to face or online to hear and understand how they envision their song, how they want it to sound, and discuss possible references.

Source Material & Guide track

  • Can be provided in different forms and formats i.e., a melody & lyrics recorded on a phone or a proper vocal guide track with the chord changes recorded over a click; often I offer to record the guide track in my studio.

First Draft:

  • The first draft allows the artist to hear the vibe and direction the song is taking; If they like the initial draft, I continue working on the structure, develop the arrangement further and present a rough version of a full-length track.

Final Vocals and Live Instruments: 

  • Now it's the time to replace that guide vocal so we lay down final vocals over the new arrangement.

  • At this phase we add live instruments (if needed).

The "Almost done" Version :

  • I fine-tune the arrangement considering the added final vocals and live instruments

  • Finally - complete the music arrangement.

Final Version:

  • Complete the editing, work on pitch-correction and finally do mix and mastering

  • At any stage of this process, the artist can be present either physically in my Toronto studio or online via real-time video-conference.

What i music production

What Exactly is Music Production?

It is a process of transforming an idea to a final product i.e. a single, track or a record.

Music production plays a vital role in the quality and the value of the final product, therefore it can make it or break it!

What are the Things You Do to Produce a Track?

  • Choose style, vibe, tempo & groove of the track

  • Work with artist and record a guide track

  • Structure the whole piece i.e. verse, chorus, bridge etc...

  • Work on chord changes

  • Lay down drums/beats/loops

  • Play, program and record all the other parts i.e. bass, guitar, piano, synth, brass, percussion, sound design etc

  • Record live instruments

  • Work with vocalists and record them

  • Edit & clean all the parts

  • Pitch correct the vocals

  • Mix & Mastering

  • Individual stems bounce

Remote sessins

Remote mixing and production sessions!

I've been running remote mixing and production sessions since 2013, providing artists with a full sense of presence in my studio.

I send studio quality sound from my DAW in real time, share my computer screen and webcam through a professional video conference software. All you need for our remote session is a computer (or phone) and internet connection.

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