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Dima Graziani

Music Producer/Film Composer

An award-winning music producer and film composer based in Toronto who produces in a variety of genres ranging from pop, world, jazz, cinematic pop, electronic and orchestral as well as original music scores.


Music Production


I have worked with over 200 artists to help turn their ideas into a reality.

I take the song you've written and create a full music production around it to help you move and touch the audience!

Wondering What is Music Production and

How I Can Help you?

Film & TV Scoring


Wanna press play and then read...?

Dima Graziani is a professional musician, and award-winning composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, with over 25 years of experience. Graziani has recorded and produced over 100 records for numerous artists such as: Fred Engler, ViVA Trio, Susan Cogan, Tonia Evans Cianciulli, Roman Smirnov, NARIA, and Arya Saabar. Fred Engler’s album “Since then ‘till now…,” produced by Graziani, received the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award. Graziani also received three Global Music Awards for his film scores.


Graziani brings in world-renowned musicians to record for his projects, working with musicians such as Andy Snitzer, Mark Kelso, Rich Brown, and Randy Brecker. On ViVA Trio’s debut album, Nothing Else Matters, Graziani produced their covers of “Nothing Else Matters”, "Hallelujah" and “Bird Set Free,” recorded by the award-winning Macedonian Symphony Orchestra. He also played the drums on all of ViVA Trio’s album and singles.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and Performing Arts from Jerusalem’s Academy of Music, Graziani is also a virtuoso keyboard player and drummer. He's performed worldwide including with famous flutist, Eyal Sela in Berlin for The International Festival of Sacred Music, and in Mumbai for "The Bharati Show", which he performed in and co-produced with top Bollywood producers Prekash Patel and Ali Sahj.

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